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Sunday, 17 May 2015

He aha to tātou mahi i te wāhanga 1



Nau mai hoki mai!

Well we have been back now for a little over one term. Lots of new changes and exciting new developments.
I will get back to keeping updates current on this site and hope you will all enjoy following along.


Koka Tāwera & Matua Henare

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Catch up...

Kia ora ano,

soooo much to do soooo little time!

Since I cant get a couple of extra hours in the day I think Ill have to just redo my timetable!

We are already into week 4 of term 3 wow! Shayne, Montana and I participated in the Mara KAi Masterchef competition recently at Te Poho O Rawiri Marae in Gisboren. What a great day! We came away with best aprons, best music and best drink! Woo hoo and we learnt a lot too!
Our mara kai have been pumping producing alot of great food which we have been able to enjoy! Yum!
Worm farms are also pumping with the worm population pretty much doubling! Wai noke is going well.
Have just loaded Mine craft onto my students iPads...looking forward to seeing how this goes in class. Looking for suitable apps is quite refreshing!

Have been teaching a night class for REAP every Wed night. My class is getting bigger which is great! "Te reo Maori through waiata" is progressing along well!

My inspire class got started with our Tu Ake Te KAraka Mural Project and we are well on our way with Stage 1! YAy! Looking great guys! So proud of you all! Cant wait to finish this and move on to the next shop front! :)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Putaiao and te Mahi whakapounamu

Kia ora te whanau,
We have been busy harvesting and preserving our fruits and vegetables. There are many scientific processes in this work.Here are some big ideas.
The types of changes that materials can undergo are related to their chemical composition. Chemlical reactions occur naturally around us all the time. People have developed technologies that slow down or alter the natural processes of decomposition in food.
We know that preserving alters the properties of food.

look at our efforts!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nga Manu Korero Tairawhiti 2013

Kia ora whanau,
here are the speech topics for Nga Manu Korero 2013 hosted by Te Waiu, Ruatoria.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Ipads & Mathletics!

Kia ora!

Our students are enjoying their Ipads and 'Mathletics' with Matua Morgan! Take a look!

Paangarau (Maths) happens during Wahanga 1 (Period 1) every Ratu (Tuesday), Raapa (Wed), and Rapare (Thursday)! Wepua mai koutou!

Koka Tawera

Te Taiao Maara Kai me nga paamu noke (The environment, food gardens and worm farms.

Kia ora ano!

Here are some shots of our Te Taiao (enviro schools) projects. We have re-used old desks, tyres and wooden pallets to create garden beds for our vegetable plants. Look at our efforts!

We drilled holes in the bottom of the desks and plastic containers for drainage. 

We also have 2 worm farms and we are looking forward to the fabulous worm juice we will collect very soon. We plan to bottle and sell the worm juice! We call it "Wai Noke" or worm water. 
Wish us luck!

Our students also created mosaic and concrete tiles for the garden! Didnt they do well?

Kia pai to ra!
HAve a nice day!

Koka Tawera